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What would happen if your HR team was exceeding your expectations and getting the results you want?

People who want to leave
their current job

HR professionals who say their teams aren’t producing results

These are common problems in growing companies. As the company grows, processes fail. CourtSide® Consulting can create the roadmap to success for your HR department and your managers. Through our consulting systems, we will develop the synergy you need between HR and operations and/or between managers and employees, making it easier for you to increase your profit, productivity and performance.


Supercharge your audience and send them back to the office with the actionable HR insights that can transform their work-life and business.



Become more productive and successful at delivering the results you want to see. CourtSide’s proven methods will transform your HR department and your company.



CourtSide® has taken its most requested training programs and put them in six on-line courses that can be accessed at your convenience.



How much money is employee poor performance costing you? Do the employees have clearly communicated, concise expectations? Are the managers following up and holding the employees accountable?

Often times, poor performance is found in the way we manage our employees. CourtSide® has studied the manager-employee relationship and found the keys to ensuring employees understand what is expected, holding employees accountable for their behavior, and driving performance to a successful result.

CourtSide® makes management easier by teaching simple, yet effective, techniques to get better performance, stronger performance, and higher profits.

"Courtney is an excellent mentor and coach. She possesses an approachable personality and her communication style is geared for success. In addition, her knowledge base and experience with Human Resources, Manager Development and Employee Relations issues is very broad. Courtney has a high level of professionalism and dedication to her clients. She has a strong commitment to satisfy the customer's expectations. Courtney maintains an extensive network of additional resources she can tap into as needed to provide the best guidance and training possible. If your organization is looking for a consultant you can rely on, Courtney is an excellent choice."

Jamie Bosten – Risk Manager Pridemark Paramedic Services

"Courtney has been invaluable in coaching, educating and assisting my business partner and me in becoming better business owners and employers.

Although we were both very confident in our areas of expertise working “in” our business, we were less confident about our skills working “on” our business.

As a result of Courtney’s work with us, we are much more prepared and have great tools to help us weather the challenges and rewards of running our own business."

Louie Williams – SHiFT Inc


HR seems to have its own language. It tells CEOs and managers what has to happen, often times without considering what could happen. Many HR departments do it right, but if you find your HR department is not meeting your needs we can help. HR departments must bring desired results to the organization. It must prove its return on investment to the company with its actions and initiatives.

And the HR department must deliver the best customer service when dealing with all internal and external customers. CourtSide® developed a consulting system, based on strong knowledge of HR and operations management, helping the organization find a productive, strategic relationship between the two.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Courtney Berg through our Leads Group at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Courtney is a smart professional who has the power combination of knowing not only what her client needs, but also the most effective way to help them achieve it. Her HR skills are unparalleled, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to any business in need of some HR assistance."

Jackie K. Snyder - Denver Metro Chamber Membership Representative

"Courtney is passionate about helping business owners realize their dreams. Her operations and human resources expertise, combined with her hands-on experience in various industries, allow her to map those dreams to strategies, plans, and processes for success.

She brings real-life, cost-effective and time-saving solutions to businesses looking to improve customer and employee satisfaction and retention, along with the bottom line. I highly recommend her as an expert in human resources and operations strategy and processes."

Barb Horst - State Farm Insurance


If you manage others, you don't have time for ineffective systems. You can improve your productivity and your department's results while growing your skill sets and becoming more confident in your abilities. Our consulting packages offer several different levels of assistance. Contact us to customize a solution for your needs.

CourtSide® Consulting enjoys a 98% client retention rate because we motivate HR professionals and operations managers to achieve better results. Our fresh perspective invigorates organizations and inspires new methods of tackling their HR and operations challenges. Call 720-328-8870 to contact us about how we can help you make management easier today.

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