• Virtual Training

Want to learn on your own time and be in control of speed of your learning? Then CourtSide’s Virtual Training is the answer.

CourtSide® has taken its most requested training programs and put them in six on-line courses that can be accessed at your convenience. The programs are divided into two separate tracks depending upon your role in the company: HR professionals or managers. Want to see them both? That’s great! While the courses are designed for specific jobs, the content can be valuable to any role in the company.

Our virtual training programs target HR professionals or managers:

Think Ops™: Designed for people with HR responsibilities, this content helps the HR professional develop a more strategic and results oriented relationship with the other business units. Many times in listening to the problems organizations have with their HR and operations departments, it comes down to five basic areas.

Think Ops™ explore those areas and provide the tools the HR department needs to successfully build relationships with the business units within the organization. After this program, you will have easy-to-use steps that can be immediately implemented in your organization to create the success you want to attain.

Topics Included

  • Earn a Seat at the Table
  • Use Their Language
  • Be on the Company’s Side
  • Prove HR’s ROI
  • Be Present with Internal and External Customers
  • Putting the Think Ops™ philosophy to work in your organization

Make Management Easier
Designed for managers of employees and processes, this content helps those who lead others, build the team that produces the desired results. When managing people, it is about getting things done through others. If the employees are not meeting goals, then the company will fall short of its planned outcome.

Topics covered include:

  • Secrets to Hiring and Retaining Top Performers
  • Employees 101: The Employee Life Cycle
  • Increase Staff Performance for Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Discipline to Termination: How Do You Stay Safe?
  • Choose Your Attitude and Find Success
  • I Don’t Have Time for Time Management!