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Have you ever had a day that starts with an unrelenting barrage of questions? You walk into the office and there’s a voicemail from the Unemployment office asking for proof that the employee you let go understood the policy they broke. An employee comes into your office asking how vacation time is accumulated. A manager texts you to ask about the attendance policy and what he should do with the employee who consistently is calling in sick at the last minute. And an employee’s spouse calls to find out more about the benefit plan.

Sounds like a typical morning, right? As a small business owner, you know all too well that your time can often be overwhelmed by tasks that take away from your focus on your customers. Whether you’re dealing with constant questions from your employees or you’re adjusting schedules due to unexpected absences, you feel distracted from your other top priorities. At CourtSide® Consulting, we understand how things can come up unexpectedly and we’re here to proactively correct those problems before they develop. By leveraging custom employee handbooks, and the 12-months of HR support that is included with those handbooks, your business will be fully prepared for anything.

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Why You Need An Employee Handbook

Did you know that roughly 1 in 5 small businesses will face employee litigation in their lifespan? It’s true, and those civil litigation suites can cost upwards of $125,000 to defend. Of those civil cases that go to trial, approximately 25% of them will result in a ruling of upwards of a half-million dollars. Employee lawsuits can come up unexpectedly for many disputes, such as:

  • Wage and salary violations
  • Workplace harassment or hostile work environments
  • Wrongful terminations
  • Employee injuries due to employer negligence
  • Violations of EEOC federal workplace discrimination laws

Without the right HR support in place, your small business could be at risk of losing tens of thousands of dollars. You can mitigate those kinds of risks by leveraging a custom Employee Handbook to protect your business.

An employee handbook is the perfect HR solution for unique small businesses. A handbook helps your employees clearly understand what is expected of them and it sets the tone for your organization. Plus, it helps save your organization time by answering questions that are frequently asked so your employees can go to the handbook for the answers.

Your handbook provides the tools and resources your growing business needs to stay consistent in managing your employees, to ensure equitable policy enforcement, and to save time and money.

Your Custom HR Solution: Employee Handbooks

At CourtSide® Consulting, we can help you unlock the potential of your business by developing custom employee handbooks that are specialized to your business needs. We make the process easy by offering two development options: (1) you can use our Express Handbook Wizard or (2) work directly with one of our HR professionals. Either way, we will ask you a series of questions about your business to understand your unique needs, common frustrations, and legal gaps. We’ll then create a straight-forward employee handbook that’s customized to your company. And we’ll get those handbooks into your hands within a week.

With your new custom HR handbook, all of your policies will be in a single place, and your employees will know exactly what’s expected of them and what they need to do in certain situations. You won’t have to micromanage your workforce anymore and you’ll have more free time to concentrate on your customers, your marketing efforts, your responsibilities, and more, all thanks to our trusty handbook!

"My husband and I have many skills, but HR is definitely not one of them. After two years of struggling with employees and trying to meet HR regulations we realized we were an HR disaster waiting to happen. Fortunately, we met Courtney Berg. She quickly assessed our needs (which were many) and provided us with: an employee handbook, job descriptions and performance evaluations tools, hiring and firing forms and protocol, staff training, motivation and mediation tools, a severance agreement, etc. Most importantly she has compassionately stepped in when needed and assisted and counseled us or our employees whenever we have faced a challenging HR situation. Courtney has proven over and over to be an invaluable asset to our practice. We have many worries and issues trying to run a small business/cutting edge medical practice, but HR is no longer one of them. Thank you Courtney!"

-Dr. Jon and Kathy Cram, Owners, Summit Family Medicine, Inc.

12 Months Of HR On Demand Comes With Your Employee Handbook

We want to make your employee handbook as effective as possible for your organization. That’s why when we create your custom HR handbook, we’ll provide 12-months of ongoing support to help with any questions or employee issues that may develop.

Having a handbook is one thing; implementing and holding people accountable for following it, is something else. We don’t want you to be alone as you implement your new handbook in your organization, so we will be there with you every step of the way.

With our HR On Demand system, you’ll have online and over-the-phone support whenever and wherever you need it. Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm MST, you’ll have unlimited access to a team of highly experienced and fully certified HR professionals. We’ll be there to answer your questions, streamline your processes, and help you focus on the best ways to grow your business.

But that’s not all. You’ll also gain access to our HR Resource Library. This comprehensive support center is packed with a plethora of online tools and HR resources that are fully organized and easily accessible. This digital library is available 24/7 and includes a wealth of tools, such as:

  • An extensive catalog of various job descriptions
  • Checklists for common HR topics, including health care reform, recruitment, labor relations, and more
  • A comprehensive state and federal law library to keep you up-to-date with current legislation
  • Exclusive training videos for topics such as harassment prevention and workplace discrimination
  • A multitude of custom-built HR podcasts on a variety of topics
  • Audit tools to help you quickly identify your compliance gaps
  • And much, much more

Boost Your Business With CourtSide® Consulting

Your business deserves a manageable HR system that works efficiently within the structure of your organization. That means you need the right legal policies in place and the right HR support on call for all of your employment matters. Our HR specialists at CourtSide® Consulting are always eager to help small business owners just like you. With a custom handbook and on-demand HR support, your business will be set up for tremendous success in the years to come.

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